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Our Payroll Solutions

Our payroll outsourcing solution is a complete solution that effectively combines service and technology to meet the needs of our clients. Whilst we do use technology as a means to deliver services we believe that personal service and acting as a business partner with our clients is a critical element in improving our customer experience.

We perform all activities related to payroll and ensure compliance is met and reporting requirements and other activities to other parties are completed. We ensure all obligated returns to payroll authorities are submitted. We distribute employee payslips and IRP5's to staff which they will also be able to access themselves via ESS available on smartphones.

We provide an outsourcing payroll service too small to medium business. Our main focus and dedication are on payroll activities allowing us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive accurate complaint error free payroll possible giving our clients the peace of mind to focus on their business activities knowing their payroll is taken care of and in good order.

Reputation, stability and a good track record matters when searching for a reliable payroll outsourced solution. We offer our customers this peace of mind. What differentiates us is consistently exceeding our customer expectations.

Payroll Outsourcing Solutions

  • Calculating Monthly Salaries and Wages (weekly and bi-weekly).
  • Processing of payroll – creation of payslip for employees.
  • Registration with relevant authorities (PAYE/ UIF / SDL / COIDA)
  • Processing of payroll – creation of payslip for employees.
  • Employer reports fit for purpose
  • Management, auditing maintenance of all Leave balances .
  • Employee and third party payments.
  • Third party payment reconciliations
  • Submission of returns to SARS and other regulatory authorities.
  • Mid-year submissions (IRP 5 and EMP501)
  • End of year submissions (IRP5 and EMP501)
  • Returns and payments for PAYE, UIF and SDL
  • Pre-warning of company filing deadlines
  • End of year returns to COIDA (return of earnings).
  • Management of Garnishee Orders and A88 forms.
Solutions for In-House Payroll Clients
  • Payroll health check: examining your payroll to see if the statutory requirements are adhered to.
  • New employees: structuring of packages and PAYE calculations.
  • Review and reconciliation of your payroll on a monthly basis.
  • Payslips - Printed on Confidential Payslip Stationary and couriered to your door.
Why you should use our service

All inclusive payroll service fee. (No penalty charges, no submission fees) All payroll activities included in quoted price.


Friendly advise and support is provided by all members in our team. Our team is here to help you when you need assistance and advise.


We remove the administrative and compliance burden of payroll from your shoulders. We work our deadlines around your business operations.